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Second edition of Consequences, the Criminal Case of
David Parker Ray by J.E. Sparks

This book is available for purchase from the publisher via this website. It was published in December 2007. It is a paper-back, 300 pages, contains 19 photos, and retails for $14.95. Autographed copies are available through this website. Unautographed copies can be ordered via the Internet through various other outlets.

This second edition has additional all new information, some of which was previously unknown to investigators.

After this book's first edition was released, people--who'd known Ray or had pertinent additional information about the case--met the author at booksignings, called or emailed after reading the book. That led to additional extensive interviews by the author in early 2007. Thus this second edition.

New information included in the second edition, published in 2007:

  • Criminologists always want to know the reason WHY, what creates a serial Killer: Learn of early childhood experiences that investigators believe caused Ray to become a sadistic murderer.

  • The small rural New Mexico community where Ray had lived as a child, according to conversation he had with an acquaintance.

  • Ray's shy withdrawn personality exhibited to his young teen classmates while (unknown to them) he was already practicing criminal sexual sadism.

  • People, including professionals, knew and liked Ray in his latter years without a clue of the monster he was.

  • Ray's behavior, sometimes bizarre, while he was employed at Elephant Butte Lake State Park.

  • The amazing words Ray said to a State Park Ranger when he helped pull the body of one of his victims--the only remains ever found--from the Lake in 1989.

  • Probable cause of Ray's changed public behavior, in the last year or two of his criminality, that further embolded him and added to his cockiness, but also may have led to his capture.

  • Why Ray needed pulleys and other complex contraptions to move his victims.

  • Identity of a probable murder victim previously unknown to investigators. (The author provided this information to an agent of NM Department of Public Safety.)

YellowJacketPress released its first edition of this book a year earlier, in December 2006.

That first 288-page paperback had nineteen photos, some taken by the author. Other photos are crime scene photos, including those on the book's front and back cover. That book, like its second edition, was written from the investigators’ point of view, takes the reader from crime scene discovery, through the case’s many convoluted paths leading to and through the judicial system and trials, to its final unsatisfactory resolution, leaving many unanswered questions. Who were the victims the investigators believe had died? Where are their remains? This book is well-documented by recorded interviews of witnesses and investigators, court records and documents, and trial transcripts, among other resources. This is the most accurately written book about this case.
The first edition of Consequences, the Criminal Case of David Parker Ray, by J.E. Sparks is no longer available; it was superceded by the second edition. The second edition contains the same information as the first book, plus much more.

The crime spree of David Parker Ray, a serial criminal sexual sadist, had gone unchecked for a stunning 45 years until it finally came to an abrupt and shocking end. The case began in March 1999 when A bloody naked young woman was seen running down a road in the tiny lakeshore community of Elephant Butte. This case immediately grabbed national and international attention. Investigators and law enforcement believe the case spanned as many as 10 states and Ray had as many as 100 victims who died in his captivity. This case continues to be the subject of many TV talk shows and documentaries; fictional TV shows have been based upon this case. National TV talk-show hosts have proclaimed that David Parker Ray had been the most prolific, horrific serial killer in USA history. He was certainly one of very few criminal sexual sadists ever documented. Purchase it on line now! This 2nd edition retails for $14.95. It is available from various outlets but a signed copy is available from the publisher on this website. Buy your signed copy now. You can purchase it here at the top of this web page online. ORDER NOW

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