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“First Annual Issue”
“Non-Fiction historical articles about New Mexico in the 1800s”
PastWord, Access Yesterday, The Era Of Billy The Kid by Jan Girand. Retail price $15.00 plus S&H and tax where applicable.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Dedication Page
Table of Contents
Introduction to PastWord by Jan Girand
New Mexico Centennial by Jan Girand
Cimarron on the Santa Fe Trail by Jan Girand
West of the Pecos by Jan Girand
Tribute to Nora Henn by Frederick Nolan
Frederick Nolan and Pals by Jan Girand
Journey to Old Lincoln by Jan Girand
BTK Time Line by Robert C. Sproull
U.S.A. & World Time Line by Robert C. Sproull
Historic Headstones & Their Histories by Charles O. Sanders
Martín Cháves of Picacho as told by Judge Freddie Romero
Martín Cháves Addendum by Jan Girand
Patrick Garrett by Michael Pitel
Michael Pitel by Jan Girand
Apolinaria Garrett by Charles O. Sanders
The Kid’s Kid research by Charles O. Sanders
1885 Ft. Sumner Census, research by Charles O. Sanders
Col. Mañuel Antonio Cháves, research by Charles O. Sanders
Col. José Francisco Cháves, El Leoncito by Jan Girand
BTK Escape Theories by published authors, compiled by Robert C. Sproull
Comments by Charles O.  Sanders
BTK Addendums by Charles O.  Sanders
BTK Escape Route by published authors, compiled by Robert C. Sproull
Robert C. Sproull by Jan Girand
Bronco Sue in the News compiled by Charles O. Sanders
Bronco Sue, Who Was She? by Charles O. Sanders
Abréu Family History by Charles O. Sanders
History of the Dedrick-Upham BTK Tintype by Jan Girand
Provenance of Dedrick Tintype research by Charles O. Sanders
President Taft Signing NM Proclamation photos provided by Charles O. Sanders
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