The second edition of Consequences, the Criminal Case of David Parker Ray by J.E. Sparks is available for purchase from various outlets, but to receive an autographed copy, purchase it here, directly from this website. Retail price $14.95, plus tax and S&H where applicable.

This second edition of Consequences, the Criminal Case of David Parker Ray, a true crime by J.E. Sparks, was published by Yellow Jacket Press in December 2007. Click on the book image on the left to learn more about this second edition, which includes all of the information and photos contained in the first edition, plus additional new information about Ray and the case, which the book’s author personally gathered by further research.

The author is available for speaking engagements.

Partial text on back of book’s cover:

“On a scale of one to one-hundred, this case is a ninety-nine,” said Darren White–then Secretary of the New Mexico Department of Public Safety.

“The ones who became familiar with this case have had a changed view of normal life. Like David’s victims, one day we woke up and were changed forever,” said K.C. Rogers, one of the New Mexico State Police case investigators.

“If publicity about this case makes people aware and keeps even one girl or woman from getting hurt, it is worth it,” said DPS Special Investigations Agent Lou Mallion.

David Parker Ray may no longer be practicing serial criminal sadism, but he had disciples and wasn’t the only predator out there. The world has many more.

About this true crime book, Consequences, Don Bullis, retired DPS Criminal Intelligence Operational Supervisor, book reviewer, columnist and published author said: “This is the definitive book on the Ray case, well-researched and written, easy to read. In spite of the subject, it is not a sensationalized account. A couple of earlier books on this case were published but they did not receive wide attention or circulation, mostly because they were hurry-up efforts, incomplete and rife with errors. Sparks does not fall in those traps. …”

Because the identification of a countless number of Ray’s victims are still unknown, this case remains one of New Mexico’s enduring mysteries.


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