What is YellowJacketPress?

YellowJacketPress is a small independent publishing company, established in early 2007, that publishes books–hardback and paperback, in various sizes, fiction and non-fiction genre. It is also capable of publishing “color books,” which are books with color interior pages–such as illustrated children’s books or “coffee table books.” Color interior pages increase over-all cost of book production. Costs of interior pages with black and white or gray-scale images–including sketches, maps, photos are similar to costs of pages with text only.

Do you have a book you want to publish? Have you, like a multitude of writers, futilely tried to find a literary agent? An agent is usually the very difficult first step. Have you sent your manuscript to conventional book publishers who didn’t even give you the courtesy of personal responses; did you find none interested in publishing your work, when you know it is worthy? Or did you find an entity willing to publish (more likely just print) your work at considerable cost, which includes a large quantity of copies? Is your work a finished product you are proud of, is it polished, has it been proof-read for accuracy and edited by professionals? Is it your own unique literary work? If your answer to ALL of those is yes, YellowJacketPress might be your solution.

DO NOT SEND UNREQUESTED LENGTHY QUERIES OR MANUSCRIPTS by email; those will not be accepted for consideration, and won’t be returned. The manuscript accepted for consideration will be, following a brief accepted query, requested by YellowJacketPress. It must be well-written, polished, edited by a professional, and exclusively the author’s own work.

Contact me by email–publisher@yellowjacketpress.com–with a brief description and very brief sample of your work. We can then enter into a discussion to decide if we want to become partners in the publication of your book. We are proud of the professional quality of our book products. Books published by Yellow Jacket Press are produced by the same outsource international book producer used by major publishing houses. They are POD–print on demand; therefore neither author nor publisher pays for or must personally stock a huge quantity of book copies. That makes them affordable for author and publisher. Books published by YellowJacketPress belong to the author, not the publisher, and–unlike with major publishing houses–the author makes the major decisions, including design of the cover. YellowJacketPress offers the author some marketing of the book, which is included.

At this time, YellowJacketPress cannot handle more than one or two new outsourced projects a year; we already have some under consideration, and several in-house in progress. Go to Coming Attractions to read about other pending in-house works.

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